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An overview: Classic data risks and incidents.

Data loss has many faces and doesn’t always have to be caused by external actors – as we now know, even our own employees may contribute to a data blackout through their own malpractice and may even initiate it. Furthermore, have you ever considered the fact that a natural disaster might result in a loss of your vital data? In order to provide your company with the best protection possible, it helps to know about all the risks. Which is why we have compiled an overview of published events that have happened to businesses in recent years.

Maybe you find some convincing decision arguments to strengthen your company in this respect, soon. But certainly: No matter what kind of disaster your data is exposed to, thanks to the protection provided by Swiss Data Defence procedures and a customized Defenset® from MOUNT10, you will never end up as a chilling example in the newspaper or in our overview.


12.07.2019, Source: SRF Fernsehen
Major blunder: Swisscom deletes data of MyCloud customers

20.04.2019, Source: datensicherheit.de
83 percent of businesses experienced an IT outage in the previous year

12.03.2019, Source: Swisscom Magazin
6 extraordinary instances of corporate data loss

05.12.2018, Source: Handelszeitung
UBS loses confidential customer documents

30.03.2018, Source: Security Insider
One in two users impacted by data loss

20.07.2016, Source: Computerworld
Data loss costs Swiss companies a half million Francs on average

12.08.2014, Source: heise online
Protonmail: encrypting email service loses its users’ emails